Ordination Date Set

I am happy to announce the date for my ordination to the minor order of lector, cantor and subdeacon as Sunday, October 24, 2010 at 10:00 AM at St Joseph Maronite Church, 3 Appleton Street, Waterville, Maine. I have spent the last few years discerning this next step on a spiritual path I have been on for a long time. I have been involved at St Joseph Maronite Church as a volunteer, Sunday school teacher, parish council member and reader since Allison and I were married there in 1975. The permanent subdiaconate is a minor religious order that serves as an assistant during religious services in the Maronite Catholic Church. I am not changing careers, but rather enhancing my spiritual relationship and service to the church. I will continue my professional work as a writer, teacher, and vocational rehabilitation specialist.

This ancient ritual is completed during the Qurbono or Divine Liturgy. Chorbishop Dominique Ashkar, from Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Washington, DC will be conducting the ordination.

I am posting this to let you know of the date of this milestone in my life. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your interest in my life.


P.S. Below I have included some Internet links that provide more information about the Maronite Church and and some other related websites. my home parish along with a brief description of the role of a subdeacon.

The Eastern United States Eparchy Home page
The Western United States Eparchy Home page

A You tube interview of our United States Bishops of the Maronite Church The Western United States Eparchy Home page

My Home Parish web page St. Josephs

The Maronite Monastery where I will be attending a retreat prior to my ordination
Maronite Servants to Christ the Light is a community of prayer and contemplation for women

SUBDEACON: In the *Maronite *Church, a subdeacon is the ministerial order before that of *deacon. This is a volunteer ministry. Subdeacons are expected to continue caring for their families and maintaining their professional employment while serving the church. Subdeacons are charged with “ministering at the altar,” lighting the church and caring for the church building. In the *Qoorbono besides proclaiming some of the responses, subdeacons are charged with reading certain passages from the Scriptures. In the past, subdeacons have served in a liaison capacity between civil authorities and their religious communities in secular dealings affecting the villages in which they lived and served, particularly in the Middle East. Today, along with the temporary subdiaconate in seminary, a revived permanent subdiaconate exists.

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