The Ordination Pictures and More

Waterville, Maine, October 24, 2010 – Stephen C. Crate was ordained at St. Joseph Maronite Church to the minor orders of Lector, Cantor and subdeacon by Chor Bishop Dominic Ashkar the pastor of our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Church in Washington DC. The Clergy attending were Father Larry Jensen, Pastor, Father James Roy, long time friend of the Parish, and Father Paul Murray, his Spiritual Director from the local Roman Diocese. The Deacon was Deacon Peter Joseph, life long member of the parish, loyal minister to St Joseph and a cousin and close friend to Stephen’s father-in-law Deeb Ferris who was ordained to the subdeaconte with Peter in 1979. The servers were Ben and Jake Hodgken, dedicated to serving in the sanctuary.
The ordination included a honor guard of the Knights of Columbus in full regalla.

Chor Bishop Ashkar shared a remarkable story about the altar. When he was 10 or 11 years old he remembers his father assembling this altar for shipment to the United States. He learned years later that the same altar was shipped here to St Joseph Maronite Church in 1950. He this was an emotional moment to see the same altar he was awed by as a young boy.

Guests who attended included Steve’s wife Allison and his two son’s Matthew and Daniel. Steve’s brother Doug and his two participated in the offeratory procession. Extended family and friends were also in attendance as well as a full church of regular St Joseph parishioners.

A reception was held after the ordination ceremony in the church hall. Pictures of the event can be viewed at the parish website by clicking on the title of this blog.

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