Our charge as Christians is to pray without ceasing, privately daily, and with our faith community as often as possible. Equally important is the regular attendance at the weekly Eucharistic Celebration also referred to at the Divine Liturgy or Mass. This will help and encourage us to choose behavior that does not work against our spiritual development (sin). God has given each of us a free will and so we still must choose our behavior. Sometimes we kid ourselves that this or that behavior is not bad, or even that it is fun so God would want us to experience joy if he truly Loves us. The truth is that sin can be fun and in America sin is not against civil law. In fact our Constitutions gives Americans the right to pursue happiness even if it is sin. Does that make America bad? No. But it does mean we have responsibility as Americans and Christians to pursue healthy happiness that contributes to our family and community.

So how do we deal with our spiritual path and still live in the free world? This is the true battle. Centering allows us to quiet our minds with the intention to connect, be with, be inspired by, be touched by God’s Grace and without clearly articulating in our thoughts, connect with Divine which opens us up to Grace, if God Chooses. As we become more aware of God we begin to discern our observations, thoughts, people, and other worldly phenomenon which motivates our choices.

One thought on “Prayer”

  1. I could not agree more with the importance of devoting ourselves more to prayer. I enjoyed reading your blog.Merry Christmas.

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