Maronite Learning

The Maronite Catholic approach to faith stems from a monastic tradition and is in communion with Rome. This blog has been created to share my journey of faith and to offer some information which I hope will promote understanding and even forgiveness to those who are confused or even angry with what “they think” the Church has become. I was ordained as a subdeacon in October of 2010 and provide this information as part of my ministry.
A subdeacon is a minor order clergyman, who in the early church served as the liaison or bridge between the Church and the secular community. Subdeacon’s, theoretically at least, have understanding of both realms and can translate confusing or unclear information to promote clairity. A language translator serves a similar purpose in transactions or interpersonal communication by conveying the meaning of words, phrasing so there is clarity and understanding.
This information is offered in faith to all who are interested in truely understanding what giving your life to Jesus Christ means.  More than just an idea or good feeling but a leap of faith that Jesus is the source of life on this earth.  That being said in English means different things to different people.  So… before you judge, or jump for joy, pray. Using a monastic practice just quietly pray alone in your room ask Jesus to enter your life. Find a work or scriptural phrase that promotes that choice.  Do this daily and watch what happens. Tell noone at first. Just make the choices Jesus directs you to make.  You will be amazed.  And remember, we all have different talents, before you quit your job, move into a monestary and give up all your worldly things, just sit with Jesus in prayer. Then find a Catholic Church to partake of the Eucharist with other Christians.  Keep earning a living and supporting your family, they are a gift of God. And keep praying.

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