Ramblings about God

Saturday night, wood fire going, I am surfing the internet thinking about something to write.  What is important in my life.  My family, my work, my church.  My family is doing well.  My work is in transtion.  My service at church continues as it has for the last 35 years.  All good things.  I am grateful for my blessings.  I am sad that so many people seem to be searching and not finding some peace and contentment.  I say give it to the Lord.  Not some entertainment feelgood for a moment capture your excitement and money but leave you without knowing your source event.  But the real thing.  Your source of life. The creator of all that is.  I happen to believe that Jesus Christ is the bridge from human life to the all knowing God.  So my preference is to give my life to God as Jesus taught us.  The Lords prayer is a good place to start.    Go to your room, sit quietly and give your life to God don’t look for someone to pat you on the back or give you encouragement. Just do it. everyday.  You will begin to see when God is directing you and driving the bus and when you are.  Continue to give it to God and you will be amazed.  God is real, God is not some idea created to ease our pain. God is….the alpha and the omega.    Praise be to God Always.

Now…. that being said.  the other thing that happens when Jesus is in your life is that you learn to live again. Love your neighbor and friends, Love your enemys.

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