Storytelling is part of our human recovery to Peace

Sometimes, I am just a story teller….with no audience.  I do realize that there is little time for stories in production environment.  Telling my story was the transforming process that brought me recovery.  I do believe story telling is an integral part of every rehabilitation success. Because,  in order for the  vocational rehabilitation process to be successful it must allow, if not encourage, the claimants to tell their story, so we as rehabilitation counselors and professionals can facilitate a change in the ending from their self-fulfilling prophesy of I can’t recover, get better and become productive to I can do anthing.  Just like the little engine that could

  More on the power of storytelling. Stories are parables and we can always learn from these lessons

Published by

Subdeacon Steve Crate

Raised in Trinitarian/Presbyterian/Quaker tradition, Steve converted to Maronite Catholic in 1978 when his first son was Baptised and Christened. Both faiths have a Trinitarian basis for explaining God and so fit with his lifetime faith. Steve also had developed a Contemplative Prayer practice which has monastic historical basis and is the foundation of the Maronite Church from St Maron forward. He was ordained a Lector, Cantor and Subdeacon in the Maronite Catholic Church on October 24, 2010. He continues to serve in a voluntary ministry at St Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Waterville Maine. Steve is a retired Rehabilitation Counselor, teacher and writer. Steve recently was hired as part time Spiritual Care Coordinator at Northern Light Inland Hospital in Waterville.

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