In confidence….

When you tell a person something in confidence without stating it such  and it becomes an public declaration it presents a difficult situation. Although it should not have been shared, if you forget to say “please hold in confidence”, there is a human flaw that wants to share.  Sometimes it is to make a political point or to “get back” at someone.  Unfortuntely, people are hurt. 

I have served as a counselor, a member of a number of boards and as a parent.  What I hear from loved ones, or friends remains in my head and becomes the subject of my prayers for others. Just between me and God. period.  A gossip goes about telling secrets, but one who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a confidence. Proverbs 11:13

The only exception to this is where a there appears to be an indication of harm to a child or others. Like many professionals I am a mandatory reporter.

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