ADHD is not that simple 

This article is a good article that argues that non-medicine intervention is the best course for treatment of ADHD.  But I believe the comentary about the French culture and the suggestion that ADHD is ONLY a behavorial issue is eroneous. There are many well behaved ADHD diagnosed children and adults who have great difficulty in focusing, sitting still or staying on task, but to suggest a whole ethnic approach is better seems very prejudice. Remember our American values, stemming from the Constitution provide for freedom and expect self-discipline in deciding where the line of freedom ends and responsibility begins.  That makes treatment of ADHD more of a challenge in American society.  How much freedom do you give to children? Any? Too much discipline can bring ACE (adverse childhood experiences) and border on abuse. Too little then you have the spoiled brat syndrome.  This simplistic solution simply hammers our American values and only serves to further erode public truth about how people develop.   This is POP psychology at its worst.

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