Undivided Self

Taking sides in a conflict has its risks. 

Margaret Thatcher said “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by traffic from both sides”.

If both sides are extreme and unwilling to compromise the only reasonable place to be is in the middle.  Right?  I am not sure.   Political research says most Americans, yes a majority,  are in the moderate middle when it comes to social and political positions.  We all know or have a family member who is far right or far left in their thinking. They are many times the minority at a family gathering, taking hard positions on this or that topic often times raising minute issues that in the end represent extreme positions.  When our Democratic process provides only extremes to vote for what are we to do?  Vote independent?  Not vote? Get involved.


Published by

Subdeacon Steve Crate

Raised in Trinitarian/Presbyterian/Quaker tradition, Steve converted to Maronite Catholic in 1978 when his first son was Baptised and Christened. Both faiths have a Trinitarian basis for explaining God and so fit with his lifetime faith. Steve also had developed a Contemplative Prayer practice which has monastic historical basis and is the foundation of the Maronite Church from St Maron forward. He was ordained a Lector, Cantor and Subdeacon in the Maronite Catholic Church on October 24, 2010. He continues to serve in a voluntary ministry at St Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Waterville Maine. Steve is a retired Rehabilitation Counselor, teacher and writer. Steve recently was hired as part time Spiritual Care Coordinator at Northern Light Inland Hospital in Waterville.

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