Mindfulness is a good thing for all.

Some time ago I became aware of being mindful.  I had heard the term, mostly from Buddhists and other secular stress management consultants as a way to bring excellence and calm to ones life.  I recently heard a Catholic teacher that I greatly respected attribute mindfulness to those other people, you know the non-Catholics who lead us away from Christ.   I must say I was very disappointed by that attitude.  Mindfulness IS NOT just for Buddhists. Being mindful is being present in the moment. Aware of your choice from the multitude of impulsive possibilities in your daily life.  If you have learned some self discipline you may not consider this as you may already have utilized it.  Your parents may have taught you at a very early age and over time and through the maturing process you have incorporated mindfulness into your daily life.  Mindfulness is a skill that can be applied to Christianity, or work or eating or exercise.  It is a skill like listening.   I am mindful of Christ in my life.  I try to be mindful of my prayers and contemplative practices.  Most of all I am trying to learn to be mindful of what I eat each day.  It is remarkable to consider all the bad habits a man can develop over the course of 60 years of life. (almost 61)  It is being present to my self and my soul that finally saved my life. Being present to Jesus in my life and the choices I make daily that keep my body temple healthy.  That is what changed my life. Being present to the LORD each and every moment of every day. Even as I work I am mindful of his presence. #PBTGA.

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