What if you had the perfect Visitor

This had been sitting in my unfinished que since this summer. After editing my piece on addiction and the importance of education I found this.  Can we educate ourselves to heaven? Hm…. since my family has brought a long line of teachers, I have always thought education and learning was the key. But this has changed in this moment. Read this story and then decide.

We had a visiting priest last weekend and his homily is one that will stay with me for a long time.  This can be considered by anyone, a Christian, an atheist, a Moslem, a Jew, a Hindu or anyone. I am taking some editorial leeway and stretching his message to include my friends and others who are not Christian.  But I want to bring home his point.  Consider for a moment that there does exist an entity that actually created the world.  This entity has the power to create or destroy any and all things that anyone can think of. This entity created you, your friends, your parents, your brothers or sisters and any and all people in the world today back through to the beginning of time and in the future to the end of time.  This entity created all the plants, bugs, dogs, cats and cows.  Everything that is came from this entity. No name for now just dream a little let the hopeful part of you feel this reality.  Now the wonderful thing is that this entity can present as a human with the ability to talk, listen and empathize.  For the purposes of this story this entity does present as a human.  This human decides that you have earned 1 hour of their time to do what you will.  How will you spend the hour?  What will you say. 
The priest went on say that a common person might collect all the books, and research about the beginning of the earth, the secrets of the universe and the secrets to happiness.  When the entity arrived, this individual might then ask all those questions trying to learn the keys to life. 

After 55 minutes of being drilled by this person the entity finally said

“STOP, are you sure you want to use the whole hour to learn more? Does not learning just create more questions? Where is the certainty in that?  Why not just sit by me and have a cup of coffee, or tea or a soda?  Lets just visit. I want to get to know  you. Tell me about your dreams, your hopes.” 

This individual stopped asking questions. A slight tears appeared and a big smile came upon this persons face.
“You mean I can just be in your presence and visit? I don’t have to be ambitious and thrive to perfect myself”
” Yes, that is all I want. I want you to know that I Love you and that all your mistakes are forgiven. I want you to be peaceful, happy and calm.   Just sit and visit with me for the last 5 minutes and tell me what you did today. “

This person then brought some drinks and spent the last 3 minutes of the hour just visiting. Then the appointment was over.  With only 30 seconds left the person asked one final question.

“What should I do now, I have made so many mistakes?”

I created you perfect as you are right now. I want you to Love and serve your fellow humans. 


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