Waiting for his plan to Unfold

Thy will be done. This intention can be very difficult if one does not regularly give one’s self to Christ in contemplation and prayer with out clarity of expectation but true irrevocable Faith that indeed God does have a plan for each of us.  This is not fate as some might call it. It is the unmistakable Divine plan for our life that comes when we give ourselves over to the will of God.  Kyrie Elieson. As we travel through the worldly life we have been given by the Source of Life,  there are times when a plan is not coming to fruition quite as we expected or even hoped.  These are the times when faith is critical.  Think of Jesus Christ on the cross, near death “my God why have you forsaken me”.  His humanness had the doubt, but his Divinity let the plan unfold and his resurrection has save millions of lives and souls.  Will I die for the Lord, I honestly hope it never comes to that.  Today’s martyrdom is not physical death, but rather psychological and social death.  Good honest people are discriminated against, fired, terminated and treated with disrespect all through the guise of corporate profit.  Top executives still earn their millions, share holders stock value increases and the board is happy.  Bottom line?  The organization must must survive.   The harm caused people who have been treated this way is not weighted as heavily as organization survival, stockholder return on investment and maintenance of executive compensation. This is legal from a letter of the law perspective.  There is no violation.  The constitution gives the right to the pursuit of happiness.  But what of the spiritual damage?

So, I guess we need to some how organize against this regard for humanity in the name of a free market.  How do we reconcile this year after year, and person after person.  Collateral damage?

This is not an easy question to be addressed.  Pray, Love… do not eat too much….

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