Bitcoin Opportunity

Our churches and non-profits need philanthropist’s who will give generously to support the mission of the organization. So as a semi retired former counselor and Adjunct Instructor I did not have a lot of extra money to send to my favorite non-profits. I have shared that I am an ordained Subdeacon in the Maronite Antiochene Catholic Church, but it is not a paid position. My part time paid job is as Spiritual Care Coordinator/Chaplain at a local Hospital Northern Light Health Inland Hospital. I have decided to fundraisers for my church. I will accept bitcoin on behalf of my church. Then I will convert to USD and send a letter of donation for tax purposes. What do you think? In fact you can make a bitcoin deposit to any Catholic Church in the world that is in full communion with Rome and I will convert it to their country’s currency and send you a letter for tax purposes. I will take a small fee for services if 5% to support my efforts/

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