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In December of 2017 I started a e-commerce website with the domain https://www.edcmerchants.com I had just spent two years working for T-Mobile as a customer service representative. They have an office just 2 miles from my home. I was terminated for not selling enough. I had a high evaluation for treating customers with respect, but not asserting T-Mobile products and services. It was very understandable and a good lesson. While there I learned about mobile phones and the tremendous opportunity for on line sales. So what products and services were in the marketplace that I could sell. When I owned and operated edc (Employee Development Corporation of New England) I had no difficult selling vocational rehabilatation and case management services. I began to search for web page services that would drop ship for me and pay a small percentage of the sales.  I discovered affiliate associate status.  I worked with a company in Arizona https://www.AboveCMS.com and they initially set me up with a Rakuten product line.  They also suggested I pay them to drive traffic via Google Clicks to my sight. After 18 months I had over 30,000 visitors but only $300.00 in sales. Hm…. this is not working, I said to my self.  When I contacted them I learned that Raketin had a technical clitch and any sales that might have happened during that time did not get credited to me.  Bummer. I complained but never got an adequate response.  They then switched me to Ali-express and since then I have had only $200 in sales. I am looking for a collaborator to help me to fine tune the website, drive traffic and increase sales.  I am willing to sell the site and/or offer equity in my LLC to develop this e-commerce site. Check out the site at https://www.edcmerchants.com  Buy something or not. If you like it or want to help make it better, email me at edcmerchants@gmail.com if you are interested.


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