Guilt was the Old message, Insight is the NEW

Listening to my pastor in Church today I gained a feeling of relief as he explained what the Church teaches about the choices we make and how eventually we will be held accountable by God. I felt relieved because I realized that I have matured to a place where I think about the consequences of my choices beyond immediate gratification most if not all the time.    I became sad for a moment because I thought about the people I have met over the years who made jokes about growing up Catholic and feeling perpetually guilty about their sins and being a “recovering catholic”. It saddens me because I am a convert.  I love the Church, and the Priests I have met and the Liturgy.  So I can’t quite relate to or understand their perspective.    They percieved correction in a punitive way rather than as a fact of life. But we are mature adults now.  We like to correct our errors of living.  We, in most cases will live longer on this earth, and… we will live a better life.    If someone tells you that you have a spot on your face, you don’t feel guilty, you immediately wash your face.  Somehow our culture has villified being corrected.  Now it seems that anything is OK.  It is a free country they say so let me be who and what I am going to be.   If a child is going to hurt themselves by doing something dangerous we as adults do not hesitate to stop them.  But as adults we do not want to be told what to do.  Even if we are unaware that our behavior may be destructive.   I don’t know about you, but I want all the help I can get.   So I listen without judgment, I discern if the message pertains to me, I willingly and gratefully make every attempt to make amends or correct the error.  No guilt, just action. Amen.

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