Truth of Humanity and the Soul

We can rationalize almost anything to feel good about our actions. In our worldly victory we win the battle but loose the war for our soul.  I just wrote this today.    I sent it to my twitter blog.  I decided to post my thoughts leading up to this. 

 I have been thinking about the political process and how we rationalize all kinds of human behavior.  The United States Constitution states we have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It really does not say that those pursuits must be moral and based on universal truth.  They are based on civil behavior. Some argue that the intent of the founders was to encourage moral behavior. but that is another topic. The present interpretation seems to be if it appears to not hurt another, no matter how full of greed, or hedoniism or selfishness it appears to be, it is OK.      I’d like to think that as long as we treat each other with kindness and Love, respecting differences and permitting each to live their own life all will be well in the world and in heaven.   But do we loose anything by making decisions according to only human desire? I am not sure but I think we should move forward with caution. We need to include all views, both spiritual and civil before making our final decision.

Over the course of the last few years as I have discerned, through contempletive prayer, my understanding of the perfect truth of the Creator I have learned and now believe there is absolute right and wrong in most things. Do I know this truth? Not even close. But, I have become much more anxious living in the gray areas.  There are very few gray areas in the Mystery of Creation.   But in our human imperfection there are all kinds of gray.  How do we decide what is right or wrong and what to permit here on earth in a civil cociety.  And what do we do when it seems that the world is going in the wrong direction?

 In this country we have the right to be on either side of a civil issue.  So if the majority votes to permit behavior that seems immoral, then our only recourse is to work through the democratic process, being sure to vote for what we believe to be truth.  Anything less is unAmerican.

Be sure to vote on the side of truth, the souls of All Americans are at stake.

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